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Trademark Requirements

BandTrax Third-Party Trademark and Logo Usage Requirements

These Trademark and Logo Usage Requirements ("Usage Requirements") set forth BandTrax rules for third parties using or referring to BandTrax brand names, trademarks, product and service names, logos, and slogans (collectively referred to as "BandTrax Marks"). They apply to all non-BandTrax parties using or making reference to BandTrax Marks unless a separate license agreement applies. Other requirements apply to BandTrax licensees and are set forth in a specific license agreement.


BandTrax Marks are BandTrax intellectual property and are important and valuable assets. Any use of BandTrax Marks that is inconsistent with these Usage Requirements, or other unauthorized use of BandTrax Marks or marks that are confusingly similar to BandTrax Marks, may violate BandTrax legal rights. BandTrax appreciates your compliance with these Usage Requirements and will take steps to protect the BandTrax Marks against improper use and infringement. BandTrax reserves the right to object to any use of BandTrax Marks (or anything confusingly similar to a BandTrax Mark) that BandTrax deems to be unlawful under the circumstances, even if these Usage Requirements do not expressly prohibit that use.

Fair Use of BandTrax Marks
You may refer to BandTrax products and services by their appropriate BandTrax Mark (other than logos and stylized marks), so long as such references (a) are truthful, fair, and not misleading, and (b) comply with these Usage Requirements.

BandTrax Logos

You should never use BandTrax logos unless you have a license agreement or other explicit written permission from BandTrax to do so.

Note the correct spelling of "BandTrax".

Acknowledgment of Trademark Rights

Assuming your use of a BandTrax trademark is permitted, you should always acknowledge that BandTrax owns the trademark. If it is not clear from the context of the use of the BandTrax Mark, you should include a separate acknowledgment. The acknowledgment should appear in legible type in any materials in which a BandTrax Mark appears.
Remember that the inclusion of a trademark symbol and acknowledgment does not turn an improper use of a BandTrax Mark into a proper use or entitle you to use any BandTrax Mark in a way prohibited by law or otherwise not allowed under these Usage Requirements.


Do not use any BandTrax Mark, and do not adopt a "look and feel" with respect to any publication or Web site, in a way that might cause confusion about the relationship between BandTrax and any other party or any non-BandTrax product or service.
Do not incorporate any BandTrax Mark into your own product names, service names, trademarks, logos, or company names, and do not adopt marks or logos that are confusingly similar to any BandTrax Marks.
Do not use or reproduce any BandTrax logos unless you have explicit written permission to do so.
Do not use any BandTrax Marks as a meta tag for your web pages.
Do not use any BandTrax Mark or any confusingly similar words as your domain names or as parts of your domain names.
Do not use BandTrax Marks as Internet search "keywords" or in any other way that is intended to or has the effect of directing traffic to a non-BandTrax Web site.
Do not state or imply that you have or are claiming rights in any BandTrax Mark.
Do not use BandTrax Marks in any improper way that would disparage BandTrax, its subsidiaries, its products, or its services (i.e., unfair competition, false or misleading, etc.).

Right to Make Changes

BandTrax reserves the right to change these Usage Requirements at any time by posting a revised version on this Web site.